let him break it down for you…

as son number one and I leave Starbucks I am humming a tune that was playing inside.

“when the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, THAT’S amore…”
realizign what I just sang, I turned to son number one and said “actually, love isn’t anything like getting hit in the face with pizza… frankly I dont’ know why someone came up with that… it’s not like getting smacked with a moon rock either, now that I think about it…. what a dumb song..”

He giggles and says, “well whats the similarity of getting smacked with a moon rock and getting slapped with a pizza? They don’t sound the same to me..”

“no, you’re right. I can’t imagine – cuz I’ve never been smacked with a rock (moon-rock or otherwise) OR a pizza slice but I just can’t see that they’d be alike. I mean the pizza would be all squishy and messy, the rock-”

“that’d just hurt” he offered

“exactly. Then there’s the other things along with it… I mean the pizza might be hot and well although love can get pretty hot at times, I’d say it’s not exactly like a big splash of burning tomato sauce and melted cheese… well then again…”

“yeah and what about the moon-rock? I mean a rock’s gotta hurt no matter how you look at it”

“exactly, and although love can hurt you in the end, I’d say it’s not like getting hit with a moon-rock… then again, what with the radiation, I suppose the effects could stick with you for a while afterwards whether you realize it or not… so maybe there’s something to the moon-rock thing… pizza though, I dunno”

“well you say it’s soft and squishy, can be hot but it cools down…”

“yeah maybe… I mean love hits people different ways so you really couldn’t say its any one way for everyone but I suppose metaphorically it could be -”

son number one puts on his best TV announcer’s voice
“this pizza… [SPLAT!]
is love!

He continues in that weird voice which really shouldn’t be coming out of the mouth of a 12 year old
“and this rock…[BONK!]
is divorce! AUUUUGH!”


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