driving in car. Son number two is mumbling his dissatisfaction about whatever latest cruelty I’ve inflicted upon him (I think I refused to buy pizza hut)

s2:(mumble mumble)
s1: Hey [s2], quit being a pain…
s2: [s1]!! Stop boddering me! you’re stupid
me: HEY! none of that!
s2: oh, sorry… (speaking to s1) you… you… you’re
me: watch it….
s2: you’re intellegent!
(all laugh)
s1: well you’re smart!
s3: (getting into the act) [s1], you’re tall
s1: (to s3) well you’re a ….a stopsign!
s2: you’re a screen door!
s1: you’re a dusty book!
s3: you’re a plastic snake!
s2: you’re a pick-up truck!
s1: you’re a street sign at the corner of fifth and main!
s3: you’re a window that’s open!
s3: you’re a computer!
s1: you’re a backpack with a broken zipper!
s2: you’re handsome!
s1: you’re cute!
s3: you’re giggly!
s2: you’re….. you’re…. MISTER SNUGGLES!!


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