I’m not that stupid, kid…

Second son walks into room. Eyes me warily. Wanders over with forced nonchalence.
“yes sweety” (Second son’s nickname is in fact “sweety” or “sweety-B”)
“I love you” puts arms around my neck. leans in for hug.
“I love you too sweety-b”
“So we go get Burger king?”
“eh, no. We do not get Burger King”
“aaaaaaAAAAARRRRRGH! But MOM!! WhatchaforyouDOOOOOING withoutdaBurgerKinganna go-for da get. me. SOME. FRIES!!”

“no, hon, I already told you, not today and if you yell at me, NO BURGER KING-”
(half-strangled sounds of muted frustration)
“but mom…”
big smile. Bats eyelashes.
“so we go to da canndy store?”


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