My short list of “what not to say to the parent of an Autistic kid”

Something many of you-who-read-this may not know that is important…
I have three boys. My second boy is Autistic. He’s not mentally retarded but he is most definitely Autistic.

If you ever see me with them, please do not tell me he “seems normal” to you.
IF you really think that, it is only because you are not familiar with children and their development.
IF you don’t really think that, then you’re lying to me and I know it.
IF you are not sure, understand that it does not make me feel better to believe that my son appears normal to a stranger. I know better.

Trust me on this people: my second son is not developmentally “normal”!

And please do not send me scads of commentary about “what is normal anyway and shouldn’t you be celebrating his differences?”

I’ve tried many times to write one sentence that exemplefies his difficulties and you know what? I can’t.

So just trust me, okay?

And one last thing…. I’m not super-mom just cuz he’s different…. it is hard, but it’s life and you know what? You could deal with it. Just like me you’d realize that there is no choice BUT to deal with it.


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